2016 Home Delivery Benchmark Study

Home delivery continues to rapidly evolve as new business models and strategies redefine how retailers are competing and how their financial performance has been impacted. Retailers are challenged to know what strategies in home delivery are working – and those that are not. They want to know what practices are making a difference and which ones to avoid. There is a lot of hype and opinion in the market, but not a lot of concrete evidence. This benchmark study was born out of in-depth surveying and conversations with Descartes’ home delivery customers using advanced home delivery solutions, many of whom are global leaders in retail. Download this report to learn more.

5 Secrets for Reducing Your Furniture Returns

In furniture sales, claims and returns are perhaps the greatest threat to efficiency and profitability—not to mention customer loyalty. Are you satisfied with your claims and returns rate? If not, check out these five secrets, all proven to perform for your customers and your business: •Build a White Glove Culture •Inspect & Deluxe •Call on a Medic •Wrap Merchandise •Practice Delivery Etiquette Download the report to learn more.

The Cost Of Poor Delivery

Logistics teams have long been focused on minimizing costs while maintaining eciency and quality. While these metrics continue to play a vital role, we are seeing a monumental shift to a deeper focus on the customer delivery experience. In fact, in 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete on the basis of customer experience.  Download this report to learn more.

Mobility For Retail

ERP, Accounting, Payroll, POS, CRM, IoT – the list of systems that top performing retailers use has grown drastically over the past decade. The problem for the employee on the ground, however, has remained the same: how to execute duties with minimal wasted effort. Download the report to learn more.

The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Weight Shipping

Most parcel shipping carriers have altered their method of calculating the weight—and, by extension, the price the shipper pays—of packages shipped. In 2014, major shipping carriers announced a dimensional weight pricing model, commonly called DIM, for air and ground parcel shipping services. For several years, shipping customers have been charged the greater amount between actual weight and DIM weight. The rules for DIM weight, however, have become stricter—with financial consequences for shippers. Download the report to learn more.

Choosing the Right Incoterm for Your Canadian Shipping Strategy

Ask any retailer that ships regularly to Canada what its top logistics and transportation priorities are and you’ll probably hear things like “reducing transit time” or “cutting costs.” You probably won’t hear anyone say: “Choosing the right Incoterm keeps me up at night.” Most shippers have probably never even heard of Incoterms or maybe have only a very general understanding of the concept. In fact though, Incoterms are a critical part of international commerce and an essential part of any international border clearance. As this discussion will make clear, assigning the right Incoterm to a particular shipment is tremendously important for a number of reasons. Download the report to learn more.

Canada Offers Tremendous Opportunity for U.S. Online Retailers

When a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of hunting apparel decided to expand its customer base, Canada seemed like a natural fit for its heavy-duty, high-quality products. The company took the time to research the Canadian market, enlisted an experienced logistics partner, and developed a Canadian version of its website. Soon, orders started rolling in, and today Canadian consumers account for a growing share of the business’s revenue.  Stories like this are a common occurrence as U.S. online retailers increasingly realize the tremendous opportunity within the Canadian market. Canadian consumers are among the world’s most prolific online shoppers, and both the U.S. and Canadian governments are committed to encouraging cross-border sales and improving the customs clearance process. Download this report to learn more.

Understanding the Need for Omni-Channel Capability

If your business has yet to incorporate any omnichannel retail capabilities, then the good news is that you are not alone. Research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Accenture, found that only about one-third of retailers have introduced “basic” omni-channel offerings such as store pickup, cross-channel inventory visibility, and store-based fulfillment." So businesses that have yet to take the leap into the world of omni-channel retailing, might find comfort in knowing they are not alone.  But the not so good news? Consumers expect the convenience and flexibility of omni-channel options, and have increasingly little tolerance for retailers who cannot meet their expectations. Download the report to learn more.

Retailer Guide to Omnichannel Customer Care

In our omnichannel retail world where consumers expect to be able to buy anything on any device and at any time, it’s no wonder that they expect a similar experience when they need support as well. Whether they contact you via phone, email, chat, social media, or use self-service, today’s consumers expect their service experiences to be seamless, consistent, and personalized. This requires you to eliminate siloed systems and integrate all of your channels so you can achieve a unified view of the customer. Download this report to learn more.

Untangling the Complexities of efulfillment

As consumers gain greater connectivity to retailers by means of e-commerce, their already high demands become increasingly challenging for businesses to meet. Until recently, order fulfillment was a simple function for supply chains. But with the increasing expectations, the changing nature of order fulfillment presents a whole new set of complexities. As part of this evolution toward an environment based on instant gratification, companies have shifted their supply chain models to meet these expectations to drive future growth. Download this report to learn more.

Technology and its Impact on Home Delivery

Home delivery is not a new service. It has been around since traveling salesmen first brought housewares and tools by horse and buggy. As cities rose up from the prairies, home delivery included daily deliveries of newspapers and farm fresh milk. The rush home delivery service is not new either. It was born in the 1950s as a byproduct of the car culture when small pizzerias began offering home delivery. Download the report to learn more.

Click and Collect

There is no doubt that e-commerce has disrupted retail and following this disruption the delivery chain is now undergoing a similar disruption. The key pain for retailers is that the customers expect timely and convenient delivery, but this is a huge challenge since home delivery means having a van man driving around a residential area delivering one parcel at a time to customers who might not even be at home. The cost is exploding, while marketing pressure drives the shipping prices down. Today success or failure in e-commerce is highly dependent on the retailer’s ability to deliver to customers at the lowest possible cost. Download this report to learn more.

Consumer and Retail Sector Expertise

The Consumer and Retail sector is among the world’s most dynamic industries, where every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Consumer buying habits, new channels of distribution, complex market trends and global economic uncertainty underscore the need for continuous improvement in Consumer and Retail supply chains – requiring ever-increasing velocity, flexibility and affordability. Download the report to learn more.

Meet Consumers Wherever They Are

We find ourselves in the midst of a global ecommerce boom, with eMarketer projecting that global ecommerce sales will eclipse $3.5 trillion by 2019. If your business has not already taken steps to take advantage of this juggernaut by implementing a global sales strategy, the time to get started is now or you risk being left in the retail dust. Download this report to learn more.

The Future of eCommerce Logistics

Learn about the future of ecommerce logistics in this Dynamex report.